Webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window – USD

Generally in USD when we are trying to close the tab sometimes will get this annoying popup.

Screenshot (390).png

Internet Explorer has detected that the window is trying to close and this has created an unwanted prompt in Unified Service Desk.

Below are the steps to prevent this popup.

Step 1: Create Action call with the below details

Hosted Control = Coach Back (Hosted Control)
Action = RunScript
function closeWindow(focus) {
win = window.open('', '_self', '');

prevent close button.png

Step 2 : Add this action call to the BrowserDocumentComplete event of coach back.



That’s It. Enjoy 🙂


Show Associated View in USD

We have a requirement to open a tab to show loaner requests associated with the Account.

Below are the action details.

  • navItemName= gb_loanerrequest – This is the schema name of the entity you want to display in the associated view.
  • Id=[[Account.Id]] is the name of the GUID which links the two entities together.
  • tabset=gb_account_gb_loanerrequest_Dealer– This is the name of the relationship between the two entities. You should have found this by looking at the entity relationships in customizations.
  • “type=1” – This is the type id you should have found before creating this action.  if we popout the account record will get the type value in URL.


Hosted Control= Loaner Requests
Action = Associated View


warrenty loaner.png

That’s it. Enjoy 🙂