Difference between Asynchronous Plugin and Workflows in MSCRM

Difference between Asynchronous Plugin and Workflows in MSCRM

So many times I have been asked a question from my colleagues,

What is the difference between Async Plugin and Workflow, Since both are Asynchronous But What is the actual difference between them and When should i use Workflow and When should I use Async Plugin ?

Answer :

My Answer is always “Depends”, the right approach is determined by the Characteristics of the task that you are trying to accomplish.

Following Matrix show the difference between the same :

          Requirement Use Plug-in Use Workflow
Needs a synchronous action to happen before or after an event occurs


Need to perform a task that has to completed within 2 Sec

Yes               No
 The logic needs to be executed while offline Yes No
Needs elevation of privileges (impersonation)


Perform data operations on behalf of another system user

Yes No
Needs to execute on events other than assign, create, update, set state Yes No
The process/logic may take a long time to complete or will be a persistent process (multiple long running steps) No Yes
End users will need to modify the process logic             No Yes
                                         Child sub processes will be triggered No Yes

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