How to use Image field on Dynamics CRM 2016

How to use Image field on Dynamics CRM 2016

When I started using Dynamics CRM 2016, I found a new field type added called “Image”. Initially, I thought it would allow developers to put an image on a CRM form and that “Image” can be of any type. Later, I came to realize that the “Image” type is referring an image that is being put to the entity record, which the user can update and change like in Dynamics 365.

Developers can use the “Image” type by following the below steps

For some system entities, the “Image” field is available by default. Each entity has one “Image” field.

Below are the entities which have the “Image” field available by default. Though every entity below has an “Image” field, displaying an image requires an additional step.  In the entity information, developers have to set the “Primary Image” field values to either ‘None’ or ‘Entity Image’.

To display the entity’s image record choose the ‘Entity Image’ option.  Also, at the form level developers have to select ‘Show Image’ on the form check box.  This way, the CRM record can show an image.

Entity Name Enabled by default(yes)   Entity Name Enabled by default(No)
Account Yes   Article No
Competitor Yes   Campaign No
Contact Yes   Case No
Lead Yes   Connection No
Product Yes   Contract No
Publisher Yes   Currency No
Resource Yes   Email Server Profile No
User Yes   Goal No
      Invoice No
      Mailbox No
      Opportunity Product No
      Order No
      Organization No
      Queue No
      Sales Literature No
      Territory No

Below are the steps to add image to custom entity:

  1. Create a new entity called “Test” for testing of “Primary Image”. When we create entity it is clear that Primary Image is not available.                  

2. To add Primary Image to entity go to fields=>New, Then fill the information and select type as ‘Image’. After selecting type as Image “Save and Close” the record.


3.  This field is not available to place on CRM form. (Don’t search this field to put on CRM form.).



4. Now go to Entity definition and select Image name as Primary Image. After selecting this “Save” and “Publish” the entity to see your changes.                  

5.  Go to entity and create a new record


6. Now add a picture to this record by clicking on Picture Icon. You can upload picture from your computer or you can use default image.

7. I just added an image and my record looks like this                       screenshot-31

Now you can enjoy adding images to Dynamics CRM Records!


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