Export Audit Logs

Export Audit Logs :-

In Dynamics CRM , we are able to provide auditing to the records. But we are  Unable to export the audit data in Dynamics CRM. This is the major issue facing recently. There is a way to export the logs  in Excel File through MS CRM Toolkit. 

Download the Ms CRM Tool Kit from the following link as follows :-


Extract the Zip Folder and Run the Ms CRM ToolKit



Click on the connection Manager and give the names as follows:-



After that Save Connection and test the connection.If it is success.. Click on the Tools down click on the Export Audit Manager.


Initially Audit Export File is Null, Create New Audit Export File and save it. Select source as Connection Name and click on Structure Loaded. Select the output Format and the audits are Actions, Operations, Users, Entities  and click the Run Profile .



That’s it, will you get the Audit File.

Enjoy 🙂


Look Up Filtering Using addCustomFilter

Filtered LookUp  Using addCustomFilter By Javascript:-

Contact entity has the lookup of account entity. The Account lookup must show the related Email Accounts based on the email of contact entity. Before entering the email value on contact entity, It will show all the accounts and once if he entered the email it has to show the only related email accounts.

Trigger the following function EmailPreFilterLookup()  on ONLOAD of form.

addPreSearch method will trigger when we click on the Account LookupFiled Icon 45


function EmailPreFilterLookup() {
 Xrm.Page.getControl("parentaccountid").addPreSearch(function () {
function addLookupFilter() {
 var email = Xrm.Page.getAttribute("emailaddress1").getValue();
 if (email != null) {
 fetchXml = "<filter type='and'><condition attribute='emailaddress1' operator='eq' value='" + email + "' /></filter>";


Enjoy 🙂