Set Session Name using scriplets in USD

Generally in USD, setting session name is the default requirement. We can set the session name through scriplets. Below is the configurations which we need to do for setting the session name. Step1. Create a scriplet. navigate CRM> UnifiedServiceDesk>Scriplet > new. Name : GetSessionName Script:  function GetSessionName() { var contact= '[[contact.fullname]+]'; var account='[[]+]'; var incident='[[Incident.ticketnumber]+]'; … Continue reading Set Session Name using scriplets in USD

Get Data from crm- DoSearch-USD

Sometimes we want to retrieve a particular entity data in USD upon load of any hosted control or Desktop ready event or particular action, we can retrieve the data in usd through entity-search mechanism. Here Retrieving the particular team data. Below are the steps. Step 1:  Create entity-search. Navigate to settings> Unified Service Desk > … Continue reading Get Data from crm- DoSearch-USD