Apply Language Translations to Entity- CRM

In CRM, we add enable a Language by navigating to Settings --> Administration --> Languages. Select the Language and click on Apply. From Personal options we can shift between the languages enabled for the CRM. But this language change will be applicable only for the OOB labels. Let's see how we can translate the custom … Continue reading Apply Language Translations to Entity- CRM

Retrieve Multiple Records- Dynamics 365

Generally we will get a requirements to pass the selected records data at home level button. SelectedControlSelectedItemIDS¬† ribbon workbench- action parameter passes the selected ids to the function input parameter. ¬†Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords Retrieve Multiple is used to retrieve more records data at a time. The parameters of this function are shown below. Entity logical name Odata … Continue reading Retrieve Multiple Records- Dynamics 365