Hide FormSelector

Hide FormSelector :

Sometimes will get the requirement to hide the from selector.

If an entity has one or more multiple forms then we need to hide the from selector. Paste the below code in form load. It will work.

This code is Microsoft unsupported code but still, it will work.

function hideformselector(){

document.getElementById(“formselectorcontainer”).style.display = “none”;


That’s It. Enjoy 🙂



Delete components from managed soloution

Delete components from managed solution :

Sometimes will get the requirement to delete the components from the managed solution which is not used anymore.

Directly, Its very difficult to delete the components like Web resources, Entities, Workflows etc. from the managed solution in Target environment or deleting the required components from unmanaged solution and exporting as a managed solution to the target environment.

Below are the steps to delete the unwanted components from managed solution by using OOB Clone Solution functionality.

Step1:  I have created a solution which named as “gb_deletecomponents” with version in my development organization which contains below components:

Entity – Contact, DummyContact(Custom Entity).


Step2: Then import the managed version 1.0 of this solution into target organization.


Step 3: Delete the components from your unmanaged solution that are not required in the dev environment. Here we deleted DummyContact(Custom Entity).

After :


Step4: Select the solution and click on clone solution with the new updated version



Step 5: Export this cloned solution with the version as as managed to the target environment.


Step 6: Check the Stage for Upgrade and click on import.


Step 7: Click on Apply for solution Upgrade.

final applysloution upgrade

Step 8: Once managed solution import completes, check the version of solution and solution components.

Component is deleted from the solution(Dummy Contact).

final componnets.png

That’s it. Component is deleted from the managed solution.

Enjoy 🙂