Apply Language Translations to Entity- CRM

In CRM, we add enable a Language by navigating to Settings --> Administration --> Languages. Select the Language and click on Apply. From Personal options we can shift between the languages enabled for the CRM. But this language change will be applicable only for the OOB labels. Let's see how we can translate the custom … Continue reading Apply Language Translations to Entity- CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM USD Upgrade To latest 4.1 V

For upgrading USD solutions to latest version first we need to check the existing solutions  version which is available in the system. If you have the latest version of Unified Service Desk then update is not required. Navigate to CRM > Settings > Solutions  We can update the USD solution's without deleting the existing USD … Continue reading Microsoft Dynamics CRM USD Upgrade To latest 4.1 V

Kill Iexplorer instead of manually

When observed an issues on close of USD. Once USD closes next time if agent logins then issues is happening, agent unable to login to usd due to this iexplore . So onclose of USD we are killing the iexplorer. using System.Diagnostics; foreach (var p in Process.GetProcessesByName("iexplore")) { try { p.Kill(); } catch { break; … Continue reading Kill Iexplorer instead of manually

Limit Max No of Sessions – USD

In Unified Service Desk (USD) we have option to limit the number of sessions users can open.  Below is the simple configuration step to limit the sessions. Here limiting to max 10 sessions. Steps : Login to CRM> Unified Service Desk > Options Step 2 : Create New Option with the below details. Global Option : … Continue reading Limit Max No of Sessions – USD