Process Trigger With Id Does Not Exist Issue – RibbonWorkbench

Process Trigger With Id Does Not Exist Issue – RibbonWorkbench :

Recently, When we are publishing the entity in Ribbon workbench after making some changes, It has thrown the exception ” Process trigger with id Does Not Exist “.


This is due to Business Rules of that particular entity with scope for a particular form.

Solution: Change the business rules scope to “All Forms” and change them back after the ribbon customization import.

It will work. Enjoy 🙂



Show / Hide Button – Form State Rule

Show / Hide Button – Form State Rule :

The button will be hidden only when the form is in create mode. In remaining cases, it will be displayed.

Follow the below steps :

Step1: Create a button and place it on the Form level:

Step2: Provide the Name, Description, Alternate Text to the button.

Step3: Add Display Rule Click on display rule> Add rule > Select “Form State rule

provide values as below

Two ways we can achieve the scenario button hide for create mode.


Default : False,        InvertRule: True,         State: Create.

InvertRule is “True” means : It will makes the result to inverse( True to False and False to True).

Here State is create and invertrule is true so it will hides the button while creating(create mode value is true but inverse the result to false and button is hided while creating.



Default : False,    InvertRule: False,    State: Existing.

Invertrule is “False” means it won’t change the result value.

Here state is “Existing” means it will returns true for created records. if value is true then button is visibled.

Step 4: Add this Display rule to the button command.

That’s it. Enjoy 🙂