How to Filter by Date Range in Custom SSRS Report

How to Filter by Date Range in Custom SSRS Report


In one of my recent projects, I had to come up with a solution that allows reports to be filtered by date range. This comes in handy especially for reports that are exported from time to time (e.g. you want to see records from last week, last quarter, last year etc.). In this blog, I will discuss the steps on how to configure the solution.


First thing we need to do is to set up the two date parameters (Start Date and End Date).


Ensure that the Data Type is Date/Time and it’s Visible for the user to select the date manually. You can also opt to set default value for the dates using date today.



In my case, I want to filter all records that are created from date X to date Y, so I used “createdon” field. Ensure that the filter type is set to “and” and operators are set to “on-or-after” and “on-or-before“ for both of the attributes.



Also, double check that the parameters for that specific Dataset have the correct names and values.



After that, you’re good to go. You can now preview your report to ensure everything is working, then you can import it to the CRM.


Filtering reports is a great way to optimize report and to deliver it in a more accurate point. One of the advantages of having filter parameters in general is that their values can be set by the user who will run the report.

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